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I want blood, guts and chocolate cake

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Birthdate:Jan 28
So my parents blessed me with the destined for a convent name Mary Patricia.
I'm 28 years old. (God damn, I hate changing that number every year!)
I love my boyfriend long time.
I fancy myself a writer. Once upon a time I wrote poetry constantly.
I'm a big ol' makeup whore.
I make mix cds with obscene amounts of thought.

Interests (123):

4 in the morning, american horror story, anne sexton, aquarius, arkham asylum, avoiding the phone, batman, billy idol lust, biting my nails, blood, blue star sapphires, buffy the vampire slayer, cat eye glasses, catching kittens, catholic guilt, cats, college ruled paper, corsets, cotton candy, courtney love, crazy cat ladies, creepypasta, david bowie, daydreaming, diner breakfasts, divine, doctor who, drag queens, dreams, drugs, early elton john, ellen von unwerth, emilie autumn, emma forrest, fairy tales, fiona apple, francesca lia block, ghosts, giant black sweatshirts, girls, glitter, glossy magazines, gold hearted hookers, guilty pleasure pop music, guys lighting my cigarette, harley quinn, harry potter, haunted houses, heart shaped trash cans, hedwig, hello kitty, its always sunny, jeff buckley, jello shots, jennifer's body, jhonen vasquez, john waters, labyrinth, lana del rey, lettherightonein, lilacs, lolita, made up soundtracks, magnetic poetry, makeup, marilyn monroe, mark ryden, mary magdalene, mermaids, mulholland drive, music, my handwriting, my so-called life, nicole blackman, no more teenage angst, notebooks, obsessive lists, old diaries, pablo neruda, pale skin, paperdolls, patton oswalt, pepper mcgowan, perfectly shaped eyebrows, philadelphia, piano girls, pixar, placebo, poetry, poison ivy, practicing my signature, pretty balanced, pretty but useless things, rainn, regina spektor, rocky horror picture show, scars, secretary, serial killers, sharon olds, sierra demulder, sleeping beauty, stephen king, strange cover songs, terami hirsch, the dresden dolls, the joker, the snow queen, the wizard of oz, thinking i'm safe, tori amos, true blood, urban decay, velvet underground, venture brothers, vulgar language, wallowing, white oleander, wings, writing, young adult fiction, your mom, zombies
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